God’s Love for Us – transcript

(Below is the transcript from the word recorded yesterday)

Lord, what would you say to your people today?

My Glorious Children,

I love you. Come, receive my great love for you. My love is not like human love, my love is unconditional. I look for ways to bless you and call you deeper into your destiny. I take great pleasure in you. When I look at you I am delighted. When you look at me, my heart bursts with joy.

Know this… I am not standing over you and marking all your mistakes, all your faults, and all your shortcomings. No, I am standing over you and looking at you with great joy at my beloved children. I love those that are mine. I nourish, encourage, care for and bless them.

When I see you in some struggle, I do not condemn you. I extend my hand to you and pull you out of trouble. Yes, I lift you up with great delight. It is like you watching your child as they are learning to walk and you are excited about the milestone in their lives. I see each new area that you step into as a milestone and I am excited when you take the step of faith. I want to see you succeed and though I may redirect you at times, I never put you down or point out your flaws.  Remember I gave you a destiny and I am thrilled when you begin to walk toward it so I call you deeper, encourage you and give you strength.

Learn about my great love for you. Receive my love because this is the beginning of life in me. My love is greater, deeper and more precious that you can possibly comprehend on this earth. My love is the beginning of all things, the end of all things and I pour it into your heart by my Holy Spirit.

Remember, love your neighbor as yourself? You cannot love your neighbor if you do not love yourself. You cannot love yourself if you do not receive my love. It is about a relationship with me. Come unto me, think of the fact that I gave my son because I love you. I did not stop loving you after you gave your life to me. No, no that was just the beginning. I put a ring on your finger and a beautiful mantle of many colors over you. I gave you the keys of the kingdom, my house. Please, do not just stand in the doorway, enter in, see, experience and dwell in my kingdom. Come live in my love. I do not hold you under the law because I fulfilled the law and give life.

I do not steal, kill, destroy or condemn you, that is the work of the enemy. I came to give you abundant life. Abundant life begins in living in the assurance of my love. My word is beaming with love for you. Begin to converse with me about my love. I absolutely desire this time with you. I want to dialogue with you. I want you to see yourself from my perspective. Until you begin to get a glimpse of how I see you, your vision is askew but, don’t be worried or stressed about that. Rest in the assurance that is okay with me and I am actually excited about all the new discoveries you will make as we explore this together. So, come, let’s explore the kingdom together, let’s explore the area of my great love for you. It’s not about works, you cannot earn love because it is freely given so freely receive it. Look for my love in every area of life. My love is always there because I am always there even in your darkest hours, your deepest despair and disillusionment, look up! I extend my scepter to you just as the king did to Queen Esther and I set a table before you, a feast for us in the midst of the enemy. Come, let’s talk while we feast together. Let the war rage around us and look at me. I am here for you. I am greater than any obstacle you can face.

Think about it. I operate in what you deem the supernatural but since you are in my kingdom, it is perfectly natural even though I will surprise you with my goodness. Think about the Apostle Peter when Jesus told him to go fishing and take the coin out of the fish’s mouth to pay taxes. “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth…” How God anointed you when you received him. Holy Spirit is in you and you are anointed as a king and priest unto God. I work with you as you walk with me. I love you.


God’s Love for Us

Basically Prophetic

Basically Prophetic

The Lord is King!




Time Steps Away

Time Steps Away 2

Open my eyes to see the miracle-wonders hidden in your word.
 My life on earth is so brief, so tutor me in the ways of your wisdom.

Psalm 119:18-19 TPT

Lately, I have been thinking about my father who went to be with the Lord in 1984. His birthday was January 1st, every year he made pizzas and the neighbors came over to celebrate, so I often think about him more as we head into a new year.

The other day, I was talking with God about some very difficult decisions and how to get through them. Suddenly, I remembered the words my father often spoke when I asked, “what do we do about this situation?” He would simply answer, “you just do the best you can.” Those were encouraging words in so many ways because they told me that as long as I knew in my heart I was doing my best, things would work out. This was so many years ago, yet his words still ring true in my life. I give my best to God and he takes care of the rest.

So, this year I find myself praying the prayer from the scripture above, “open my eyes to see the miracle-wonders hidden in your Word.”

Life on earth is so brief, it has been 34 years since I saw my father alive on earth yet I know he is alive with Christ. Mom went to be with the Lord almost three years ago. Time seems to step away from us, life on earth is brief but when we seek the Lord with all our heart, giving Him our best, he opens our eyes to see what is hidden in His Word.

Happy New Year!

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The Lord’s delight


How beautiful


The trumpet of the Lord

the Lord shall desend

Praising Jesus

Jesus Reigns

40 I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.
He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.
3 And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.  Psalm 40 KJV
God is so awesome, I would have died in my addiction had he not pulled me out and sovereignly changed my life 38 years ago, but he also makes daily life worth living no matter what is happening around me.
He does miraculous things such as last week when he intervened in paying our car repairs which were expenses that were beyond the scope of our finances. He also sent his wonderful people to provide rides to and from the auto repair center.
I am so grateful for his presence in our lives, his love goes beyond any human affection and his promises are eternal.
Have a wonderful day and enjoy the Lord’s presence in your life today.